Capped drawdown

Capped drawdown is no longer available to new investors. But if you have one you can take capped (limited) withdrawals and still invest more than £10,000 per year. Potentially you can invest new pension funds into one too.


It is also possible to convert from capped drawdown to flexi-access drawdown (to allow uncapped draw downs of funds). If you want to stay in capped drawdown, you can. 

Key points

  • You cannot take out a new capped drawdown. Flexi-access drawdown is now available
  • The maximum you can withdraw each year is about 50% more than a level annuity
  • No income has to be taken at all
  • For most people you can start at age 55
  • There is no upper age limit
  • The upper income limit is reassessed every three years for those under 75, based on age and fund size
  • The upper income limit is reassessed every year for those over 75, also based on age and fund size
  • In the event of death, the death benefits will now follow the same rules as flexi-access death benefits.
The key advantage to stay in capped drawdown, is that you can continue to take taxable withdrawals but not lose the £40,000 money purchase annual allowance. This is the ability to put up to £40,000 into a pension. See MPAA (money purchase annual allowance) for more details.


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